Sunday, October 30, 2011


Loved this lovely little vignette spotted over at Hazel Loves Design. So elegant and pretty it would make you want to make a little extra effort in the mornings don't you think? It actually reminds us of the concept we proposed to one of the ladies at our at our last design workshop. In this workshop series our guests bring along a picture of room from home that they need help with and we show them how to turn it into a beautiful space! This particular guest had an ensuite she used as storage because she thought it was so ugly!!! Well after a little while we came up with a concept for a stunning retreat complete with an area similar to the one above for her to powder her nose! Can't wait to see the end result because we think every girl should have a space to indulge in a little luxury.


M & E

ps: if you want to attend our next workshop 19th of November head over and register here. We are offering a special 10% discount to groups of 3 or more. Limited spaces so hurry see you there for a fun filled day.

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