Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beautiful Bright Artworks

Morning! We have had an early morning here at the Ivy and Piper home office with Penny deciding to wake at 4.15am !!!! Yikes! Anyway it has given me a chance to check out some gorgeous wall candy for a client and here are a few things I have found that would work for her... or you for that matter.... I have loved Louise Tidd for such a long time Anna from Absolutely Beautiful Things introduced me to her years ago when we were working together. Love the abstract art from Lindsay Cowles so bright we love the first one in particular it would be great on its own or added to an ever expanding cluster wall. Last but not least the stunning vivid pink and yellow from Annechovie one of our fav colour combos. It packs a punch to say the least definitely one to hang on its own. Check out their links you will find plenty to fill your walls with. Hope your week is filled with brights.


M & E


  1. I love love love the floral bicycle!
    Hope you get a chance for a nanna nap today!

  2. That bike painting is just Devine !!