Tuesday, September 13, 2011

IvP Decorating 101: Fab Storage!

1. keep in mind those unexpected areas of your home for a stylish storage solution

2. Take cabinetry to new heights! Make the most of your walls and add higher cabinets for those every so often items.

3. When custom making your shelving or cabinets measure those items that are large or oddly shaped and ask your designer to incorporate room for these.

4. Our Louise from Table Tonic has it sorted with simple bright fun storage solutions for toys that look great tucked under a standard bed

5. Don't build everything in! Use a couple of gorgeous pieces of furniture to solve your storage dilemmas and create a unique to you look.

Get creative with your storage!

xx M & E


  1. I love that quilt, the colours are gorgeous. Trudy x

  2. Very clever! That kitchen blew my mind.

  3. Loving the bookshelf under the stairs.... now i just need stairs! Jx

  4. Excellent ideas girls! I love closet organization! ;-)

  5. I'm a true bookcase junkie, absolutely love the stairs idea!