Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year and IvP Happenings...

Thanks to Casa Sugar for including us in the top 10 online design mags for 2011. We are so excited to make the list 2 years in a row!!! Head over and vote for Ivy and Piper scroll through until you find this pick and cast your vote!

One of our IvP favourite designers Diane Bergeron kindly gave us a shout out on The Design Files as one of her top resources for inspiration. Thank you Diane isn't her work divine above!!! Check out her full interview here.

I had to share this gorgeous frock Elizabeth wore on our first day back at the office. STUNNING!!!! I admit sometimes it is so hard to have such a gorgeous friend! Doesn't she look amazing in yellow?

Here is a little scheme we are working on for our first IvP bachelor pad! The IvP man does preppy sophistication we have swapped out bright colours for masculine dramatic tones with floral pattern turning plaid and striped. We will be sure to keep you in the loop as the project continues this year.

And last but not least another IvP milestone for our tiniest member! My darling Penny trying to walk at 8 months! The ottoman is coming in very handy for all the practice! To all the mothers out there an ottoman is your best friend swap your coffee table for a beautiful big bump free ottoman with a gorgeous tray you won't regret it!

These were just a few little things to share with you this action packed new year! It is great to back we hope you are well rested and ready for what Ivy and Piper have planned for you this 2012!


M & E


  1. Firstly congrats on making the Casa Sugar list - of course you should be there 2 years in a row :o)

    Secondly you are both as gorgeous as each other.

    Thirdly that Man Style is looking most fab.

    and lastly how cute are the frilly pants on Penny!

    Looking forward to a great year ahead.


  2. Congrats girls! Fabulous, yes, the dress is stunning and so is E! Also, love the man-pad so keep us posted!! ;-0

  3. PS: I just cast my vote for IvP!!

  4. congrats!! so well deserved! holy moses, elizabeth looks amazing! who is the dress by???