Friday, March 16, 2012


Thank you to all of our wonderful IvP fabric lovers whom left comments and emails for the giveaway. We are very pleased to announce the winner is...... the lovely Allison Sharp!!!!!!!!! We will contact you asap Allison to arrange delivery of your exclusive Ivy and Piper fabric of course you must keep us updated on the project! We have to see those chairs finished!!! Check back here during the week for further fabric details for now have a fabulous weekend and thanks again for all of your support!


M & E


  1. Now, Is the chinois purple or blue as it looks in this print? Will you sell it on-line? Swatches to check in situ?
    So many questions.... so many projects.
    ta, Wendy

  2. Hi Wendy!!! So many project so little time.... (the plight of a decorator) The chinois is in fact the most gorgeous delicate lillacy purple and we are happy to send you a little snippet for colour testing. We will be posting purchasing details in the next few days so check back!

    xx M & E

  3. woo HOO!!! I have just spotted this as I was away this weekend... I am SOOOOO thrilled!!! I may need to order some more before you send it so I don't run out of fabric! xx