Thursday, August 9, 2012

Such a pretty party.... for a gorgeous couple

all photography courtesy of Simon Taylor

What a wonderful evening!  Last weekend Stuart and I were thrilled to be celebrating with the engagement of such a gorgeous couple.  Elizabeth and Grant hosted the most divine soiree to celebrate with their closest family and friends and Elizabeth's innate style shone the entire evening.  The venue was simply perfection and the champagne flowed, music played and most of all the couple of the moment beamed all night!  I think you will agree that the gold Rachael Gilbert dress was divine!

Congratulations again to my gorgeous friend and her dapper fiancé.




  1. Congrats to your friends! It looks like alot of fun. I like the horse and jockey statue and the desserts! Your friends` dress and hair are gorgeous btw. Sweet of you to post about them.
    Wishing them a happy life together.


  2. Elizabeth just looks amazing, like a celebrity I think!
    What a beautiful party. I hope you & Stuart got a picture all dressed up also!

  3. Looked gorgeous and ditto the couple!! Wish I could have been there! ;-))

  4. Congratulations Elizabeth! They make a very sweet couple.
    Let the planning fun begin - I can only imagine how stylish this wedding will be!
    Have a lovely week! Jx

  5. wow, congratulations! looks like a wonderful event!
    laura x

  6. STUNNING. Congratulations from Jasmine and Kaye x

  7. I hadn't clicked the tab image until now as I had thought it was a random celebrity photo! Wow, what a lovely, happy couple and such a fun, fun time. Elizabeth is so lucky having such a good friend to write those kind words. Love to you both. Annie x.

  8. That's one hell of a party. Very elegant and everyone looks at their best. Its the party of the year.
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  9. congratulations!!! its all so exquisite!!! loveliest of wishes