Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Celerie Kemble creation via Live Breathe Decor

image via made by girl

my robe via content agency

Paris Hilton's robe image via decorpad

Don't you just love a great wardrobe??? We think the robe is greatly undervalued in design. What a fun opportunity to go crazy with detail in such a private space. If you are like me most of mine ends up all over our bed in the morning. But still doesn't it look just lovely when it's tidy and your pretty things are all lined up in a row? All the images above are beautiful with their own unique looks. I have included mine (third one down) as it was just a boring white room at one point and I wanted to make it a little more special. It is nothing fancy now but a lot more fun. You can't see it here but we added some moulded doors and a vintage light as well as painting it a vivid fluro yellow my favourite. Why not give your robe a facelift and see how good it feels. Happy Wednesday!

xx E & M


  1. OMG, Paris....you have out done us all. That is amazing.

  2. just found your blog, and heading to your site now. love all of the colors!

  3. Fabulous! so true - who wants to walk into a gloomy looking robe? then you might look gloomy too! so much design to do, so little time!!! ;-0