Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mag Review: Jonathan Adler

Did you catch our designer Bio in this issue???? We love Jonathan Adler and his amazing products and interiors. But above all we love his style the way he confidently combines colours and pattern. A master at his craft but with such a sense of humour! We had to post his manifesto found on his website. Don't you think we should all have a personal manifesto just like this? Love it... so true. We love how Mr Adler tries not to take himself too seriously after all designing is fun!


M & E


  1. I did and it is a great list of beliefs! fun and irreverant just like his design style!! ;-)

  2. Hi Girls, love your way of thinking! Just a quick note to thank you again for including me in the latest magazine and I have written a blog post today about it. xx Simone