Thursday, December 8, 2011

We Loved Having You!

Well what a lovely evening! It was so fabulous to catch up with all of our wonderful local bloggers at the showroom this week. This little pocket of the world is full to the brim with creative bloggers and designers and it was wonderful to come together and acknowledge the amazing community we are all apart of. We had a gorgeous evening full of Peach Bellini's, story sharing and plenty of giggles! One of the things we noticed was just how stylish our fellow bloggers are. Check out the gorgeous fashion in this little gathering! Thank you to everyone who came along it was wonderful to meet face to face and we missed those who couldn't make it. We look forward to the year ahead and catching up again soon. Keep your eyes open for more detail of the evening in the Ivy and Piper Magazine out next week!


M & E


  1. It sounds like a fabulous night...adore the straws in the water cute!!

  2. Looks like fun and yes, your 'pocket of the world' is certainly very creative and exciting!