Sunday, December 4, 2011

We're Back!!!!

So sorry for the absence, it has been a little mad here at Ivy and Piper. We are preparing for our bloggers Christmas party we are holding on Wednesday night! It is such a shame we can't have all of you over to celebrate with a champagne or two... but it will be nice to put faces to names to all of the other Brisbane based bloggers. We will post photos don't worry. Meanwhile isn't this image to die for! Our little Australia has never looked so stylish and if you are just like us and have too many magazines but can't bring yourself to throw them out what a beautiful way to display them!


M & E


  1. Ugh! What a great idea! I do have so many, its an illness! Wish I could fly to Brisbane for your part-ay - have a great time! ;-)

  2. That is exactly my problem this week - what to do with my magazines? I really don't want to throw them away.... ;-)