Thursday, May 17, 2012


image via cooking in choos

Well I finally have my business buddy back on board this week and it is so lovely to have her back!!!  She had a magical trip and I am so excited to congratulate both her and her darling beau Grant on their ENGAGEMENT!!!  The story is too romantic and let me tell you he is a keeper!!!  We are thrilled for you both and wish you all the happiness in the world.  

So of course this week has been filled with constant chatter between us in the studio of wedding this and wedding that etc etc etc.  The chatter didn't stop either when we popped into the Scott St. Soiree on Tuesday night this week.  We featured two of the apartments at Brisbane's most prestigious addresses last year in the Ivy and Piper magazine and were thrilled to see the end result of a stylish collaboration between Brisbanes' Paul Hunt and Unique France.  On the backdrop of twinkling Brisbane city lights the apartment came to life!  

We are always happy to recognise the achievements of another creative and this is most certainly one.  Paul said he loved the opportunity to appease the frustrated decorator in him and loved using the amazing antique furniture from Unique France and the result was outstanding.  The wardrobes came complete with Paul Hunt Couture and such a glamourous crowd as well (even in the compulsory slippers!)  We nearly died when we were told no heels to keep the floors in pristine condition as the apartment is for sale! But did our best at looking chic in slippers anyway... No photographic evidence though!!  Congratulations to Paul Hunt and Unique France a beautiful result and another example of the link between fashion and interiors.


M & E 


  1. WHO IS ENGAGED?? Elizabeth?? Many congratulations and best wishes for lots of happiness in your future!! ;-))

  2. Congratulations. It is the most wonderful time being engaged and planning a wedding. Enjoy every moment and listen to no one who says 'it's only one day remember'. It's's your wedding day and it's wonderful! YAY! Annie x.