Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Paint Me Pretty

pinterest? sorry

eeeek! Can't remember

In our defence... Do you sometimes you find so many gorgeous pics all at once that you must save them there and then as a matter of urgency???? We do and unfortunately these are all from very old files that are full of pics with no references collected on one of these inspiring blogging/pinterest-ing/tumbler-ing type days.  Our sincere apologies for the lack of info please email us and let us know if you know to whom these belong!  We hope your week is going swimmingly!


M & E


  1. Here's a tip that's changed my world-- go to google images, and in the search bar you will see a little camera icon. Click on that to upload a picture from your computer, and it will search where the picture is from!

  2. Oh that's the guidance we need. I have that painted cupboard as well plus a few others that I can't remeber the source of.