Monday, June 11, 2012


For those of you that know us....we are not usually the outdoorsy types! We don't really do hiking, climbing, bushwalking but we do do long lunches outdoors, picnics, candle lit dinners on the terrace, champagne in the sunshine and reading under dappled light.  These count as outdoor activities.. right?  Just a few pics above for a little outdoor inspiration Ivy and Piper style.


M & E


  1. Absolutely! and the best kind I think! gorgeous images to start the week. Have a lovely day xx

  2. Ha ha...with you girls on your definition of outdoors. Drinking Champagne outdoors is so good for the soul! Annie x.

  3. HaHa! I enjoy outdoor should add that as an activity as well! Not so much outdoor hiking or climbing kind of gal either!

    Check out the changes on the new and improved blog!


  4. I love the seating around the tree! Sp pretty! Living outdoors is what summer is all about... as long as you don't live in Arizona like I do. It's going to be 107 degrees today :/

    Love, Jamie

  5. Absolutely! I'm with you guys, though I do like walking but its always nice to sit outside and enjoy a nice Pinot Grigio! ;-))

  6. oh, so on the same page as you when it comes to being 'outdoorsy' - drinking outside apparently counts as an 'outdoor sport' if you ask me. xx