Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inspired by Lemon!

Ivy and Piper

I know, I know we have posted on yellow (several times) but have you noticed it popping up all over the place again????  We loved this pretty country style room with what can only be described as spectacular use of yellow!  Love the reverse treatment on the windows so dandy!  And yes we are suckers for sparkles glimmering amongst subtle pops of all our favourite colours via What Alice Saw.  And lastly our fruit trees are completely laden with beautiful perfect citrus!  The first basket of many picked by my darling Penny and I this morning and doesn't that yellow look gorgeous on the minty aqua of our dining table?  Yellow... we do love you.


M & E


  1. Yellow, I love you too! Can't get enough! thanks - ;-))

  2. Yellow in large doses makes me a little nervous. But little pops of yellow to brighten up a space or outfit? The perfect injection of sunshine in my mind! :)

  3. The window frames look fantastic - very clever!
    I love your beautiful oval basket too! Jx