Thursday, June 7, 2012

Some Behind the Scenes Fun!!!

We had some photography taken this week for an upcoming advertising for the Ivy and Piper fabrics and thought we would share some behind the scenes shots!  A lovely client of ours (thanks J) let us borrow the grounds of her absolutely stunning home for the photo shoot.  As it turned out her darling poodle and maltese wanted to join in the fun.  Cody the poodle has even been snapped in Central Park by New York Magazine because he is soooo fabulous! We had a lovely day in the winter sun made even brighter by the IvP fabrics don't you think? We are so thrilled with how our Looking Glass Fabric in emerald has worked with the pink vintage cane sofa we are not sure if we can part with it!  It will be on our new website launching soon but for now it looks right at home at the showroom and we get to enjoy it... for now!


M & E

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