Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bjorn Again?

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Well Penny and I have been exploring our new town and revisiting my old Antique haunts from when I was, well a lot younger than I am now... My mum and I used to visit Toowoomba where we have just moved too on occasion when I was a girl. Visits were always filled with many antique stores picking through lighting, old records, fabrics and furniture I think this is definately where I formed my love of decorating and now I am taking my little girl around with me. Funny how it comes full circle.

Well Toowoomba certainly offers some perfect antique spots and I will share our finds with you over the next couple of weeks. However it is in one of Toowoomba's most famous antique spots, The Toowoomba Antiques Gallery that I came across the work of Bjorn Wiinblad. (Am I just a little slow or did you all know about him?) I am in love with his quirky vibrant works which include prints, ceramics, stamps and costumes. A true creative the Danish artist truly inspired me. The Gallery have a pair of the most stunningly colourful prints upstairs in to die for gold frames that I have my eye on but I just had to share these above...


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  1. Make sure you check out Lancasters on railway st (although you probably have!). I miss Toowoomba very much-am there at least twice a month for work and family...angling to get back ASAP :)