Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh glamour where art thou....

image via camille styles

via tumbler

We have saved these gorgeous pics in our files a little while ago actually we could have posted at least 15 more! We love the old fashioned idea of dressing up, putting on a hat, slipping on your evening gloves and painting your face. Don't these pics just ooze with glamour, style and a little bit of effort... We have been asked to style a very special event coming up a little later in the year and the conversation has already turned to what to wear??? It will be a fabulously stylish night and we can't wait to share. We are working on some inspiration boards for the event now and will be sure to keep you in the loop.


M & E


  1. I love any excuse to dress up with a bit of glamour. It's so much fun!

    The first pic it so cute,
    xxx dj
    ps your styling event sounds exciting

  2. These photos are gorgeous! Just what I needed on a dreary, rainy day in Brisbane! Good luck. xxA

  3. Fabulous photos, especially the first dress - spectacular! have a great weekend girls! ;-))