Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where in the world is Ivy and Piper???

Where in the world is the Ivy and Piper magazine you ask??? Well mark your calendars readers because we have a new launch cycle! We will be releasing from the first of March we know it means waiting a few extra weeks but we promise it will be worth it. To keep you going the image above is from our bonus issue only for IvP ViP's!!!! This amazing property (Melanie's Favourite) will have you dreaming of a far flung place so if you haven't yet go here and sign up to become an ViP and you will receive your copy of our bonus article and the entire magazine a day earlier than the public!!


M & E


  1. Ok, so I went to the subscribe section, filled it all out and couldn't find a 'submit' button anywhere?? I'm sure there's one there somewhere...and it's just my eyes playing sneaky tricks on me....any tips??

  2. Hi Kirsten, thanks for letting us know. Sometimes if your computer/laptop screen is too small the form doesn't fit on it completely. If you email me your details I will subscribe for you. Send them through to

    x M