Sunday, February 26, 2012

On The Hunt... For a New Sofa

Tori Mellot via style edition

Always loved this from Joe Nye... can't remember from where sorry!

The decisions! We need a new sofa for our sunroom and I just can't decide! These are a few of the favourites from our files. Loving lillac and the cut out shape of Tori Mellots (top image) with the black and white contrast so bold. But being an old fashioned girl there is something about the Lena in the second image that makes me think sunroom... covered in pink and green with a sweet little skirt added or turned legs maybe? But I have always loved the last two images Joe Nye's ensemble is heart stoppingly good and Windsor Smith's Chloe is a style I can't go past it is such a shame we only need one! for now. ( I think Windsor is in the lead but will keep you posted) Happy Monday!


M & E


  1. Love them all! Especially the first one!
    I bought my sofa from your studio last year! (Taupe with pink piping). Still inlove with it!

  2. Those images are beautiful.

    We are currently looking to buy furniture for two of our living areas... such a difficult and lengthy process :(
    Too many things to consider ... price, quality, brand of foam, brand of springs, colour, ugggh :(

    Good luck with your decision :)


  3. Love the third and the last one.
    Happy hunting,
    Sar x

  4. Loving everything going on in that first pic! Good luck with the sofa search :)

    Abbey x

  5. I love all the options so far and I think the last one is definately in the lead for me!

  6. I LOVE the Maine Cottage settee - I featured it last week on my blog - they all have something special though! ;-))

  7. Never an easy decision! I think you could pull of any of these though. x