Monday, April 2, 2012

A few Loves to start the week...

Love the combination of the vivid Emerald and pink with touches of gold oh so luxe... but that turquoise chandelier (heart stoppingly) STUNNING!!! Compliments of Shannon Darby via Pinterest. Some art we are sourcing for a job which actually could look right at home with that chandelier and maybe even with the amazing raspberry sofa via Poppy Talk and if you are really brave perhaps with a pair of gold chairs upholstered in the emerald from the first image???? Ha how fun! A sort of build your own favourite look. Do you ever do that? Put all of your favourite images together and try to build a room around them? Happy Monday!


M & E


  1. Thanks guys. . . Hardly super Mum! I have ALOT of help & dusty kick boards! LovT

  2. Yes you are a super mum Tina! Beautiful images to start the working week. xx