Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Going green...

India Hicks via Unpretentious Style

So we have been collecting these gorgeous pics (and many more) in our 'plants inside' file for like.. ever!!!! We love this look so chic so effortless so Elle Decor and don't you think the greenery adds something that dare we say fabric or furniture can't??? (I know can't believe we just said that!) Not for everybody but for sometime we have admired this look and have been bringing a little greenery indoors. If you are worried about the maintenance try orchids, palms, succulents, bamboo and just about anything else for the short term. How about you do you bring the outdoors in????


M & E


  1. I want some plants after looking at these....maybe a tree!

  2. I'm usually NOT an indoor plants person for anything larger than an orchid but have been scoping for a place for a fiddle fig to fit. Furniture may have to go! Lovely pics thank you. Annie x.