Sunday, April 1, 2012

Out and About

At Calexico

The beautiful styling and girls from Magnolia Interiors

A couple of our candles left at Magnolia!

It feels like we've been all over town these last few weeks and months with constant functions and social events that we've had the pleasure of attending. The latest one was Marie Claire's Up Late on James St on Thursday night and it was so wonderful to see Brisbane's most fashionable and stylish people out in force for the event! There was music blaring in the streets, drinks and canapes at all our favourite stores (including Alexis Dawn and Magnolia Interiors), lots of people buying gorgeous things and it all made for an atmospheric evening.

We were asked to pop into Camilla (as if we could resist...all those kaftans and colours - wow!!) and the public relations manager Sally from Sydney commented on how much Brisbane has changed and is now making its presence felt strongly in the fashion and style arena. I couldn't help but feel proud of my little ol' hometown!

So here are some snaps from the night of me with some of my super stylish friends.

Oh and it was so nice to see our new fabrics featured in this week's Brisbane News :)

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  1. I thought I recognised that lovely styling in Magnolia. Congrats on the feature!! Jx