Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love a Cluster!!!

The contemporary collector? via tumbler

Eclectic and Effortless via concrete and honey

So Elegant and so structured via Elle Decor

A little retro and oh so chic Bazaar of Serendipity

The fabulous Charlotte Moss need we say more??? via Desert Girls

We love a cluster wall simply because it gives us all an excuse to continue to collect pictures, posters, art, photography and treasured 'art' perhaps lovingly made from family (read: finger paintings) even though your walls are almost full! What better way to display all those memories and loves than in a beautiful gallery wall arranged any which way you please. We have image after image of examples of this happily haphazard art of arranging. (mind the pun!) Here are a few, each and every one is beautiful in such a unique way because they reflect their collectors! Love them don't you.


M & E


  1. Gorgeous images! I do love me a good cluster wall :)

  2. so hard to choose a favourite!! all so lovely!
    laura x

  3. I just love everything about the bookcase in the top image....one day! All those books, DVDs, special things on display and a TV with a good sound system - perfect for me! Annie x.

  4. Beautiful photos! I love portrait walls or galleries. They are always so interesting and there are so many beautiful ideas out there!

  5. Whether it be mismatched frames or a perfectly structured display (like in the 3rd image down), a cluster of images always look AMAZING.

  6. I love the Elle Decor image. What they did with that wall was great. I just did something similar for one of my clients who had a painting that came in pieces...it was a blast photoshopping all the different ways it could be organized